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Halo laser treatments are now avaiable in Durango @ R Med+Spa

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Accepting appointments for Halo laser treatments today. All Halo laser treatments are done by our board certified physician Dr. Brian Rike, DO specially trained in BBL & Halo laser treatments by some of the leading experts in the world.

This is a tried and true laser by Sciton with some amazing results. Halo is a hybrid fractional laser with 2 wavelengths that target the epidermis and dermis at the same time. You basically get 2 treatments in one. Each treatment takes about 1.5 hours ( 45 minutes - 1hr of numbing cream prior to procedure) most people have about 5 days of downtime. Some may have more or less depending on what we are treating and the settings used.

halo laser treatments durango r med+spa

Now that we spend so much time on zoom and video conferencing wouldn't it be nice to get a facial rejuvenation and refresh to make you look younger and more vibrant. Improve that dullness.

Halo laser helps improve tone, texture, discoloration, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring, induces collagen formation and general skin rejuvenation.

Check out the possibilities of this laser with some Before & Afters. This can also be paired with our BBL HERO for a more complete treatment that really attacks pigment and sun damage. Depending on your needs it may take more than 1 treatment.

This treatment can be done on males and female and does not affect facial hair. We also now offer BBL + Halo combination treatments. Laser season is upon us and we are coming into perfect weather for Laser & light treatments in Durango.

Call to schedule a consult today 970-501-0610.

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