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Glacial Rx - Cryo Facial - Soothe your way to smoother skin

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Cooling technology that soothes as it reveals younger-looking skin

The new first and only FDA approved Class II device that can treat the whole body. Indicated for any redness or inflammation and benign hyper pigmented lesions. Cryomodulation device with similar technology as what is used in cool sculpting. Procedure is generally cold and relaxing. Several different treatment regiments depending on the type of treatment that fits you best. Found to treat melasma and solar spots.

Physicians saw an improvement in approximately 92% of patients

at one month follow up*

Cooling technology that soothes as it reveals younger-looking skin. Cryoaesthetic treatment that cools skin and decreases inflammation and brightens skin.

Cryo reducing redness and accelerating exfoliation to reveal radiant skin and remove age spots.

Real patients have seen real results, including reduced inflammation and redness. Improvement in skin tone unevenness, and overall more radiant skin.

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